1.  All members are expected to follow the rules established by Blizzard.
  2.  All members will carry their guild name with respect. As a member of this guild you are expected to conduct yourself in a manner which will reflect well on your guild.
  3. This is a game, people are real. There may be cussing, weird conversations, etc. in guild chat. However, in saying that, we STILL expect you to act like adults.
  4. There should be no personal attacks on other members in guild chat or on our forums. Any debates should be general in nature and not directed towards any single individual.


open communication is always a key for success . If you are upset over loot awards, other guild members, or officers, tell us! On the other hand, continual complaining, inappropriate comments, can only create painful drama. It will be impossible to keep everyone happy, but that does not mean the guild is not committed to the support of its members.

Constructive and well reasoned ideas and feedback are more likely to get consideration.


Treat each other with courtesy and respect at all times. It is understood that not everyone will be best friends with all other members. However, expressing unchecked aggression towards each other is unacceptable. Should you find yourself causing an unpleasant disruption with other members or airing negative comments in guild chat towards other members, or bashing other guilds, expect to be warned. Failure to heed this warning will result in the loss of your rank for no less than 3 days.(and in extreme cases deguild) Remember, we are not here to be your parents!

our guild mates are your team mates and as such the stronger you and your team members are the stronger the team as a whole will be. Strive to help your fellow guild mate when they need help, and in return you will most likely receive help when you need it. Treat each other with respect.


  • we aren’t big on meetings, but from time to time they may be necessary. If we do call a meeting, it’s most likely important and you should try to be there.
  • If you know that you are going to be away from game for an extended period of time, it is your responsibility to post/comment on our blog/facebook or mail the guild leader (Mytsuko) or you may find yourself deguilded upon return!
  • Any member who has been offline longer than 1 month with no explanation is subject to being deguilded. End of story.


Recruits will be invited to the guild but will remain a recruit for a period of up to 2 weeks. The recruit period is not static, meaning that if we believe you fit in well and play well it could be a few days, and if we question whether or not you are fitting in, it could be extended.


If you voluntarily deguild, you can return, BUT the time that you put in will be wiped and you will virtually start over again as a trial member. If you deguild to many times their is a very good change you will not get a guild invite back.
Unfair?.. Well the moral of the story, think long and hard before deguilding in a fit of anger.